A call for safe footpaths between all Tasmanian cities and towns—starting with a path between Hobart and Launceston.

16 September 2015

The Way to St. James, Cygnet

Early next year will be the first “Way to St. James”, a fairly easy walk of 36km, along back roads—which, sadly, lack proper footpaths—over two days:
Inspired by the famous Spanish El Camino of St. James, this two day pilgrim walk will take you through the scenic and peaceful Huon Valley to a celebration at the Spanish miſsion styled Church of St. James, nestled in the heart of Cygnet.
Through fellowship, reflection, rejoicing and ritual you will find an opportunity to reconnect with the spiritual dimensions of your life.
The walk commences on Friday 8 January, 2016, at 10:00am, from the Mountain River Community Hall and finishes on 9 January at approximately 5:00pm at St. James Church, Cygnet in the midst of the wonderful Cygnet Folk Festival.
The walk can officially recognise only 250 participants so, if you would like to join the pilgrimage to St. James, register soon.

(Note that participating pilgrims will not walk between Ranelagh and Cadoc but will be travel by bus between those towns in order “to avoid narrow sections of the Channel Highway”.  What an indictment of the lamentable lack of decent paths next to our major roads!)

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Jan said...

I agree. We need to make it possible to walk safely from one town to another. It is possible in much more populated England where I have just walked from the Irish Sea to the North Sea, mainly along hill trails and public footpaths across farms.