A call for safe footpaths between all Tasmanian cities and towns—starting with a path between Hobart and Launceston.

10 August 2015

An Infınite Path

Members of Tasmanians for Proper Footpaths complain, rightly, that Tasmanians suffer from a dearth of proper footpaths near our major roads; for instance, if you walk south towards Perth from Launceston you’ll discover that, 7km out of the city in Youngtown (not far from Franklin House), the footpaths stop:

Even across bridges, along Hobart Road, near the Southern Outlet, there is slight provision for pedestrians between the outskirts of Launceston and Perth:

However, one well-paved path does exist at the Breadalbane roundabout.

No footpath leads thither or thence but once pedestrians reach the Breadalbane roundabout they may tramp to their hearts’ content, around and around, all day if they wish, on a paved footpath which, though infinite, leads nowhither.

1 August 2015

The New Website

ProperFootpaths.net is now established as a home for Tasmanians for Proper Footpaths and for The Great Heritage Highway Walk; the various pages thereat will be expanded gradually over the next few months.  However, this blog and the Great Heritage Highway Walk blog will remain as the chief places for updates.